Grand Prismatic Screams

Camera technology has come a long way since this blog was started back in 2012.  Once upon a time, to get a properly exposed nightime photo such as what's shown below, I had to take five exposures, layer them over each other, and carefully blend them together to get an optimum photo that's similar to the dynamic range the human eye sees.  Eventually, as I moved onto a full frame DSLR, that five became three or sometimes even two photos capturing what I needed.  And now, with my recent adoption of the Nikon D850, the scene can arguably be accomplished in only a single exposure, with RAW shooting and shadow recovering making the rest.  It's pretty amazing to see how much more efficient my photo processing can be, and it's great to that technology as progressed so far!

The gateway into "Gorenament" Valley is eerie and colorful.


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