Scenes from Radiator Screams

I've been posting a lot of nighttime Halloween photos lately, so I thought I'd switch it up with a post during the daytime.  And what better place to go for this than Cars Land, which is transformed into a wonderful visual punfest of gags and jokes celebrating all things Halloween! There are great sights and charming atmospheres all along the main drag of Radiator Springs, so lets stroll down and check out some of those sights!

The Cars Land Haul-O-Ween sign is back for Halloween Time.

These fake movie posters are a hoot.

Lightning McQueen is dressed up for Halloween.

Still think this should say "Truck or Treat."

The zombie car, my favorite gag.

Radiator Springs Curios is still closed, but it's still decorated!

Flo's V8 Cafe is all spider'd up for Halloween.

Ramone's is decked out for Día de los Muertos.

Luigi's has oranged striped tires.

And the Courthouse is a monster in disguise!


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