A Holiday Carriage by the Mansion

The vast majority of the photos I post are pulled from my bountiful Disney park photo archives, sometimes from years before.  And even when I have recently taken photos, it's typically a few days before they make it onto the blog.  But this photo is hot off the presses, taken from my trip last night.  It had been a while since I'd been to the Disneyland Resort, and with my new Magic Key, keeping regular visits is important to making the pass worth it.  With spots filling up, I ended up with a rare weeknight visit, scheduled specifically for a nighttime photo run, something I have rarely done in the past two years (though the pandemic kind of played a large part in that).

I focused on Halloween ambiance photos from both parks, spending an hour after each park's closing.  This not-quite-as-common view of the Haunted Mansion Holiday turned out pretty well, with the foliage (non-man-eating plant variety) creating a nice frame, so I felt compelled to post it immediately!

The Haunted Mansion Holiday from closer to the exit of the ride.


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    1. Thanks, Jim! It's a nice change of scene from the normal "front" view! :)


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