Sally and Teddy

I've gone to Tokyo Disneyland twice in my lifetime, and neither time have I ridden their regular Haunted Mansion.  Instead, because I went during the winter holidays on both occasions, I experienced the Haunted Mansion Holiday Nightmare, Tokyo's version of the Haunted Mansion Holiday, but overlaid on a Walt Disney World version of the Haunted Mansion instead of Walt Disney's original.  This lends itself to some differences between the Tokyo and Anaheim Holiday Mansions, and one of the unique and interesting scenes in Tokyo's features Sally sitting on a chair as Vampire Teddy--the cute creature that takes the place of the ever-watching raven throughout the Mansion--sits on an oversized book and tries to impress (or woo?) her with some songs on the piano.  All the while, a cute little Halloween tree stands alit on top of hte piano, bathing the scene in a light, orange glow.  It's not a scene found in any other Haunted Mansion (considering that Florida's doesn't have such an overlay), and it's an adorable moment to me!

Sally observes as Vampire Teddy plays some gothic tunes.


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