Molly and the Manor

The last time I visited Disneyland Paris, I found myself in Frontierland at the end of the evening, aiming to get some nighttime photos of the eerie and haunting Phantom Manor.  While close-up's were in order, I was really interested in capturing this gloomy mansion across the water from afar, so I set up closer to the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad side of Frontierland and focused my view at the Molly Brown and the Manor itself to get some moody reflection shots.  By this time, most guests had retreated to Main Street to watch the Disney Illuminations nighttime spectacular, leaving me to the peace and quiet of the Rivers of the Far West (occasionally punctuated by the screams of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad riders).  It was a lovely moment to savor the beauty of Disney parks and take in an ambiance that--for just a moment--felt like it belonged only to me.

The Molly Brown is anchored in front of Phantom Manor in an evening along the Rivers of the Far West.


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