Pumpkin Mickey

The first time I visited Disneyland in 18 months was also the first time I stayed to close out the park in well longer than 18 months.  In my recent visits to the Happiest Place on Earth prior to the Coronavirus shutdown, I had gotten plenty of nighttime photos, but I was reticent to actually stay until I was one of the last guests in the park to get truly empty park photos along Main Street.  But absence encourages more effort when a privilege is restored, and so on the first Friday of last month, I waited and waited and waited on Main Street to get a pristine shot of the Mickey Mouse pumpkin from both sides--with no guests in frame.

Well, the guests didn't cooperate.  From Main Street looking back toward the Disneyland Railroad, there was a couple who just would not leave the benches to the side of the pumpkin.  They weren't waiting for any friends, as I initially thought.  They just wanted to sit there and savor the ambiance.  Unfortunately, that exhausted my time waiting until security said it was time to leave.  That left me with minimal time to really set up the opposite shot, shown below, looking back up Main Street.  

The result is a "nice" photo but not really a good one.  I guess I'll have to go back and try it again sometime.  But it's an easier pill to swallow now that annual passes are back in the form of Magic Keys.  So I can't really complain!

The familiar Mickey Mouse pumpkin at the head of Town Square.


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