Car Webs Over Flo's

I've taken a photo of an empty Flo's V8 Cafe many times in my numerous visits to Disney California Adventure, and even a photo of Flo's during its amazing Halloween transformation to a very arachnid establishment.  But a couple of Fridays ago was the first time I took the photo from my newest DSLR camera, the Nikon D850, and I was able to capture in one exposure--without a tripod--what used to require two or even three (back in the day).  That's a big benefit when I'm used to having to set up and wait for guests to leave and be slightly inhibited by the time it took to get everything in place and fire off multiple exposures.  And while the D850 isn't good enough to allow this everywhere (it's fantastic in low light but not that unreal; plus Flo's actually is very well lit), the ability to do this here shows how camera technology continues to improve by leaps and bounds, allowing photographers to grab better shots with less complications.  And I think that is a pretty major treat!

Flo's Halloween V8 Cafe looks beautifully spidery at night!


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