Miguel's Remembrances

During Halloween Time, Paradise Park celebrates the connection between the living and the dead with the Día de los Muertos-themed Plaza de la Familia, which uses the Pixar smash hit, Coco, as a basis for its displays and celebrations.  One instance of this occurs inside the gazebo to the side of Goofy's Sky School, near the Paradise Garden Grill, where guests can meet and greet a puppeteered Miguel during the daytime hours.  At night, though, the gazebo is empty and open for character-less photo ops, and it allows guests to really enjoy the beautiful family shrine backdrop that was redesigned last year.  This display showcases the various characters of the movie in an ofrenda-esque format, showing portraits and including flowers and figures to pay tribute to the family and ancestry that binds people together in Mexican culture--both living and departed.  The entire space is colorful and lovely, and it's a great space for some reflection and appreciation.

A beautiful memorial shrine serves as the backdrop for a Miguel meet-and-greet in the gazebo near the Paradise Garden Grill in Paradise Park during Halloween Time!


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