Signs to the Halloween Tree

Most of my Halloween Tree photos are at night, because it's nice and lit up and beautiful, but occasionally, I can manage to make some daytime photos work.  In this case, the framing was actually inspired by a photo I took on my phone, which I recently upgraded to a Google Pixel 6 Pro after my old Samsung Galaxy S8 finally went kaput.  The additional five years of technological advances meant that my phone could frame a wide angle similar to and sometimes exceeding my DSLR, which also meant it could frame  compositions that I could then follow in DSLR form.  That's how this angle resulted, and I like the unique perspective it offers!

Gazing up at the Frontierland signs, a lantern, and the Halloween Tree!


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    1. Thanks, Jim! Always nice to find a new angle after photographing for so many years at the Resort!


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