Barbossa's Beachside Bites

At Shanghai Disneyland, there's a Pirates of the Caribbean ride. And inside that Pirates of the Caribbean ride, there is an indoor restaurant themed to look like it is outdoors, with seating that overlooks the start of the E-Ticket attraction, sharing the ambiance of the marquee attraction itself.  But the similarities to the Blue Bayou at the original Disneyland ends when one realizes that Barbossa's Bounty isn't a more exclusive sitdown dining establishment. Instead, it's a quick serve, and anyone can go in and enjoy a meal and the environment.  That is a tidbit I did not know when I visited, so I never even bothered to go in to try some grub and take in the atmosphere.  Totally my loss, but I'll have to fix that the next time I visit!

A sunken pirate ship's mast is all that remains along the edge of the waterfront at Barbossa's Bounty.


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