Scenes from Club 33

It's been a while since I've been to Club 33, but I was thinking about it recently, so I decided to go back to my last visit six years ago and edit some photos of the interior of the exclusive dining establishment inside Disneyland Park.  These photos are from after its 2014 renovation, which enlarged the space and expanded it into a Salon Nouveau area.  A bridgeway over Royal Street links the two spaces, and the main dining room was reconfigured.  This meant that some of the historical characteristics of the club were sadly removed, but the resulting space has a nice, airy ambiance.  The food was also improved from before, as the kitchen was taken over by Napa Rose executive chef Andrew Sutton.  But with time--nearly a decade since the remodel now--the reimagined environment has itself become a part of Disneyland history--just of the much more recent kind.  In any case, enjoy a few snapshots from within Club 33!

This bridge from the main dining room toward the Salon Nouveau can be seen from Royal St below.

Some nice murals line this wall.

The windows allow plenty of light.

This wall sconce is quite ornate!

So is this chandelier!

The guestbook sits in front of a nice window.

The old harpsichord is still there.

Here's the main dining room.

A table with its settings.

Club 33 is well stocked with wine!

Emergency exit stairs down to ground level.

And the new mosaic tile entrance that everyone takes a photo of before they enter.


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