Right Said Redd

It's been five years since Pirates of the Caribbean was reimagined to alter the infamous auction scene to something more politically correct (I suppose some critics would say "woke" even though that wasn't really a term back then).  Previously, the scene had featured the townspeople being auctioned off by pirates, and a particularly vivacious redhead seemed to be attracting the bulk of the attention--and apparently loving it.  The scene didn't really jive with Disney's effort to be more inclusive and avoid glamorizing problematic portrayals of history, so after an extensive refurbishment, the auction was changed to a sale of plundered goods belonging to the townspeople, not the townspeople themselves, and the beloved Redhead was changed to a female pirate--still strutting her stuff, but a more sanitized version of traditional buccaneering.  

Naturally, the change caused quite an outcy--as many previous alterations to sanitize the ride from its coarser 1960's sensitivities (some would say insensitivites).  But just with the previous changes, time has slowly eased the outrage as people have just gotten used to the scene--even those who preferred the old scene.  But that's just what happens as history progresses.  There are practices and characterizations that were once commonly accepted that become recognized for being denigrating or harmful.  And over time, society moves in a direction that tries to be more considerate of more demographics.

Call it however you will, but that's been the evolution of humanity for thousands of years.  In any case, here are a few more photos of Redd the pirate.


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