The Riviera in Tokyo

Fun fact about these two photos... when I originally took them, the sky came out rendered as completely white, because it was a pretty overcast day.  At the time, I thought I would never be able to get anything useful out of these photos, but since the scenes were still pretty, I kept them for a future go-around.  Well, that turned out to be a good decision, because after looking at these again, I decided to take advantage of my RAW photo format shooting to pull detail from the highlights of both photos--something I usually do with shadows, because Nikon has such great ability to store detail in the darker portions of its photos.

Thanks to that RAW photo editing magic, I was able to unveil a dramatic looking sky over the waters of Mediterranean Harbor, which show off a gorgeous Italian Riviera rendition, with an epic volcano in the distance to boot!  I'm definitely glad I didn't trash these photos initially!


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