Mysterious Island After Dark

The first time I ever learned about Tokyo Disney Sea, the thing that hooked me was the presentation of Mysterious Island.  Here was an original themed area set inside the water-filled caldera of a volcano, with a colorful and Discoveryland-esque architectural aesthetic inspired by the stories of Jules Verne and an incredible ambiance.  Disney had never crafted anything quite like this, and when night fell, the area became even more magnificent.  

Over time, some of my friends had the opportunity to visit this incredible theme park, and I marveled at the amazing environment that they captured on their cameras.  So when I finally made my first visit in 2015 and a follow-up visit the next year, I knew that I absolutely needed to grab nighttime photos in Mysterious Island as part of closing out the park.  However, this would be complicated by the fact that the Tokyo Disney Resort does not allow tripods, making the nighttime long exposures that I normally take at Disney parks more challenging.  Fortunately, there were railings and trash cans and other solid bases that I could brace my camera against, and the photo below is an example of one of those compositions coming to fruition!

The heart of Mysterious Island well after hours.


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