Pacific Change

It's been very warm lately, which makes me tend to want to post "summer-y" photos next to bodies of water or with beautiful blue skies and blazing sun.  But it's also the end of an era for Disney California Adventure, as another one of its original lands turns the page with a retheme to an intellectual property.  This time, it's Pacific Wharf transforming into San Fransokyo Square, inspired by Big Hero 6.  And while this remodel doesn't come with any new attractions, it does provide an aesthetic change, new menus from the multiple dining spots, and even a modified bridge.  The changes are being gradually rolled out, with the menus currently transitioning.  The full San Fransokyo Square doesn't debut until August 31st, so there's still another month to enjoy Pacific Wharf--even if it's already looking a lot like that San Francisco-Tokyo hybrid.

To look ahead, here are some photos looking to the past at Pacific Wharf.


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