The Castle Before the Change

I realized that my July 4th post a few days ago kickstarted an unintentional streak of posts featuring Disney castles from around the world.  I've done this before at least once in the past, though it was intentional then, but I figured that I'd lean into the trend and continue with another Disney castle photo--this time from over five and a half years ago in Hong Kong Disneyland.  Though that park's castle is now known as the Castle of Magical Dreams and is much more towering than its original predecessor, when the park first opened, its central icon was a clone of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim.  That also made half of the worldwide Disney castles themed to Princess Aurora, since the Disneyland Paris iteration is also dedicated to her.  Ultimately, as part of a longterm revitalization, Hong Kong's castle was renovated and expanded to a much larger structure whose surface could serve projection shows much more prominently.  But I haven't visited the park since all of that was completed, so instead, here is the castle that used to be at Hong Kong Disneyland!

Hong Kong's Sleeping Beauty Castle at night, from multiple years ago, before its transformation into the Castle of Magical Dreams.


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