The Waters of Discoveryland

Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland opened with the park back in 1992 and it was a new, fantastical way of portraying the land of tomorrow by taking a retro approach using Jules Verne influences to craft a future that never was.  A large part of the aesthetic involves the blend of a radiant and colorful steampunk metal architecture integrated into a rocky, geological landscape.  But the inclusion of waterways--which would later take on a similar aesthetic in Tokyo Disney Sea's Port Discovery, also enhances the feeling of an organic style of a futuristic land.  There's nature here as well, though not quite like what we're used to, and it softens an area that is full of evocative structures and gleaming architecture.  I think the photo below showcases this softening of the landscape in a pretty illustrative way!

An aquatic scene at Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland!


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