Admiring Grandeur

So two of the three subjects of this photo are doing it... I came across this photo I took while editing and thought it made for a nice little story--the epic scale of the Cadillac Range and the Radiator Cap placed front and center for the public to enjoy.  I've written time and time again how fantastic Cars Land has turned out, and the repeating is still not getting old for me. 

In fact, I recently went on an off roading trip to Utah and visited Canyonlands and Arches national parks.  Certain, the scale and magnificence of the natural beauty are far superior to Cars Land, but if you were to reduce that size and compress it into a theme park proportion, what the Imagineers were able to accomplish really isn't that far off.  The detail in the rockwork bears striking similarities to real Mother Nature.  So once again, I say hats off to the Imagineers for producing a splendid exhibit of immersive theming.  It really has been quite a rousing success!

A family taking in the sights along the exit queue of Radiator Springs Racers.


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