Sunset at the Treehouse

I wish I had explored the old Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse back when it was open.  I'm sure that as a child, I would have enjoyed running across the rope bridge and climbing the steps and seeing the various rooms that the family had built in their perch high above the land.  The Swiss Family Robinson was also one of my favorite books growing up.  The sense of adventure and excitement was a wonderful draw, and the world in which the story took place must have been fascinating.

Today, the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse as been replaced by the Tarzan Treehouse, after the 1999 fully animated feature film.  Logically, it has scenes from the movie and some nice decorations of its own.  It serves as the fantasy dwelling for kids today too young to know of the previous iteration.  I don't know which of the two versions is better, but still enjoy climbing through this treetop abode and taking in the views and the atmosphere.  I suppose there's a certain timelessness to living up above the ground.

Disneydendron semperflorens grandis (or "Large Ever-Blooming Disney Tree") during magic hour.


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