Down the Rabbit Hole

Since the beginning of the summer season, over in Hollywood Land, the Mad T Party has been providing evening entertainment and excitement to guests who happen to stop by.  The successor to the ultra-popular ElecTRONica takes a lot of similar elements--night time dance party, bar service, a themed arcade, and side show attractions--and mixes them together into an Alice in Wonderland theme.

The entrance to all of this is the "Rabbit Hole," a series of mist-filled archways that lead to the main stage, where the Mad Tea Party Band plays, and onward to other attractions.  And whether you're a fan of the event or not, it's hard to argue that the visual display is not impressive.  Colorful and wild, it's very appropriate to the surreal theme these nighttime festivities are patterned after.

The entrance to Mad T Party.
A close-up of the entry signage, inspired by the White Hare's pocket watch.
Guests head down the color-changing archway, "falling into the rabbit hole."


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