The Wharf

Most of the photos posted on this blog have been taken relatively recently, but I felt like posting this picture, pulled from my old archives, to show a glimpse back into [not-too-distant] history.  Not only was this taken way back when Cars Land was still deep in construction (as you can see by the steelwork behind the Pacific Wharf signage that would eventually become the Cadillac Range), but this was also one of my first HDR photos that I was actually satisfied with.  I had, for a very long time, tried to figure out how to make nice HDR's on my own.  And like most everyone, I went through the "halo-mania" phase.  But eventually, with inspiration from such great sites as Tours Departing Daily as well a gander into a couple of tutorials, I managed to produce a photo that struck a nice sweet spot between complete artistic fantasy and more accurate grounded reality.

The entrance to Pacific Wharf, circa early 2011.


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