The Adventures Continue

It's finally back. After three months of closure for extensive refurbishment, Indiana Jones and Temple of the Forbidden Eye has officially reopened today.  The downtime has completely reinvigorated the ride.  Back are all the original special effects, fully functional.  Projections have been enhanced in higher definition; lighting has been brightened and increased in vibrancy; a fresh coat of paint has been layered over the sets to make them pop.  And there are even few surprises altering a couple of scenes.  Indeed, the ride has not looked this fresh since it first opened.  So what are you waiting for? Head over to Disneyland and ride this Adventureland E-Ticket now!  Lest you tempt the wrath of Mara...

A painting of of Mara, the double dealing diety, looks down upon guests in the queue.

Some artifacts lie along the way to the transports.

Glowing light illuminates a shaft to the main temple site.


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