Toys on Main Street

Kudos if you can name where to find the scene below.  It's not a scene easily visible by guests strolling up and down Main Street.  In fact, it's not even a Main Street storefront.  Instead, this charming little facade is located across from the Carnation Cafe, off a pathway branching westward off of Main Street.  I caught sight of it one day while on my way to the nearby restroom and found it to be a delightful toy shop scene that reminded me of the old-fashioned anticipation of Christmas day, and the promise of goodies and toys that awaited all the good little girls and boys.  These days, playthings are a lot more advanced, but the romance and nostalgia of this more innocent time still tugs at the heartstrings and contribute to the warm fuzzies I feel around this happiest time of year.

A scene from a window of a shop at one of the side paths off Main Street.


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