Lizzie's Tree

Lizzie's curious Christmas tree of curios.
One can find various Christmas trees throughout Cars Land, each reflecting the character of its creator.  And over at the Radiator Springs Curios shop, Lizzie's tree is no different.

The shop is already home to an assortment of signs from all along the Mother Road.  So it makes sense that Lizzie's tree is comprised of numerous Route 66 signs as well, mixed with an assortment of Christmas ball ornaments, all topped by a nice little star. 

The tree can be found in front of the shop, just beside the entrance.  It's not necessarily prominent either... just there, next to the porch, not proclaiming its presence, but certainly noticeable to anyone who bothers to take a look.  It's a cute holiday decoration, matching Lizzie's whimsical style, and another layer in the richness of Cars Land during Christmas time!


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