Coneybread Houses

Those who venture close to the Cozy Cone lobby are in for a treat.  For this holiday season, right by the window, there is a gingerbread house in the shape of a miniature version of the motel!  It's rather adorable, this delectable motel model!  Or as the folks over at DCA might say, it's definitely a sweet treat!

A Cozy Cone confectionery is present this Christmas time.
The cones have been recreated in gingerbread form!
A close-up of the tasty model motel!
Speaking of a treat... I finally decided this blog has been up long and regularly enough to have its own custom URL. So starting now, you can use the slightly shorter (but easier to say) web address of to reach this exact same site.  It's just a redirect, but it looks a little bit more professional!


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