Faces on Main Street

There are a host of characters on Main Street U.S.A. that go to work day after day, every day, from park opening until closing, never complaining, never missing a shift, and always dressed in their finest wardrobe.  Of course, these aren't necessarily human "cast members," per say, but they've all been a part of Disneyland park for quite a long time.  Esmeralda has given out fortunes at the Penny Arcade for decades, while Tilly has been accepting admission into the Main Street Cinema since the park opened.  And the Indian?  Though the shops behind him have have changed over the years--from the Tobacco Shop to Great American Pastimes to today's 20th Century Music Company--he still stands guard in front, stoic as ever, looking on as guests stroll up Main Street in search of a magical day.

Esmeralda, the fortune teller, at the Penny Arcade.

The old Cigar Store Indian, still outside what's now the 20th Century Music Company shop.

Ticket Taker Tilly at the Main Street Cinema.


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