A Fantasy Faire Evening

Well, it's been a week full of Fantasy Faire updates, and I hope you've enjoyed the coverage from Disneyland's newest addition.  It certainly is gorgeous, in my opinion, and thank you to those who have shared or retweeted or said positive things about these blog posts. I sincerely appreciate it!  I'll cap this off with some more evening shots of Fantasy Faire, with hardly anyone in them.  One can almost imagine a medieval village clearing out as dusk descends, as people return to their homes for the evening!

Beyond the Royal Theatre is the old pathway to Frontierland, which is preserved in the Fantasy Faire addition.

Looking out toward Sleeping Beauty's Castle affords a different context now.
The plaza in the cool evening air.

The empty queue to the Royal Hall, after the princesses have gone home.

And a final look, toward the Royal Theatre.


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