Snippets from Fantasy Faire

In addition to the two Royal Theatre shows--one retelling Tangled and the other re-enacting Beauty and the Beast, plus the Disney Princess meet-and-greet inside the Royal Hall, Disneyland's new Fantasy Faire also features some lesser profile surprises and activities.  Here's a look at a few of them!

Next to the Royal Hall is a nifty peek-in type feature called Clopin's Music Box.  Guests can turn a crank to activate a moving diorama featuring the famous jester from The Hunchbank of Notre Dame, as well as a few surprises!

Clopin's Music Box is a cute and free moving diorama.

"Hidden Mickeys" of sorts abound in the form of characters from other Disney movies, in the background.

There is are also a couple of short "mini-shows" that manifest within the plaza.  The first is a fun "Lost and Found" bit that encourages audience participation.

Mr. Smythe congregates at the center of Fantasy Faire to initiate a lost and found question session.

Can the crowd help identify certain items that he has found?

With the help from his lovely ladies, Mr. Smythe produces items like Ariel's fork thingamajig.

In a nod to the tongue-in-cheek fourth wall breaking nature of Fantasy Faire, one of the lost items is a lightsaber.

There is also sort of "Prince and Princess Proclamation" ceremony that involves teaching chosen children (or any child who happens to jump in, really) how to behave properly as members of royalty.

Mr. Smythe addresses the crowd from beside the Owl Newel Post.

The chosen princes and princesses must learn how to do the Royal Bow and Royal Curtsy.

There's also the Royal Wave to learn.

Last but not least is the Royal Kiss. Fortunately for the kids, it's just blowing a kiss to their subjects.

Then, Mr. Smythe moves over to the Rapunzel's Tower monument and reads the official proclamation.

And with that, the children are officially princes and princesses!
All in all, these are lovely and not-prominently-advertised attractions that help fill Fantasy Faire with a plethora of things to engage in and observe.  And as I've mentioned before, it adds up to a pleasantly surprising and wonderful addition to the Happiest Place on Earth!


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