The Royal Theatre Presents: Beauty and the Beast

On Tuesday, I mentioned that the Fantasy Faire's Royal Theatre features two shows retelling stories from Disney animated features.  Here's a look at the Beauty and the Beast theater show, which like the Tangled show, is hosted by Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones and features a spirited, funny, wholly enjoyable production that breaks the fourth wall in tongue-in-cheek fashion at times but was still a hit with children and adult alike during my viewing.

As is the case two days ago, the following photos technically contain visual spoilers of the show, but content-wise, should not yield any surprises unless the reader has never seen Disney's Beauty and the Beast.  I don't think the actual show experience shouldn't be tarnished for anyone who reads on, but I must be technical with my disclaimer.

The show opens with a song and dance number from Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones.
Belle is introduced as the special guest and begins her story.
In a poor provincial town, Belle is courted by town brawny man, Gaston.
Because Mr. Jones doesn't quite have the physique, he is "aided" with some props and a stand.
After returning home to find her father missing, Belle ventures to the nearby castle in search of him.
She meets Lumiere, portrayed in puppet form.
Suddenly, the Beast shows up, terrifying Belle, and orders her to leave the castle at once.
Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth admonish Beast, noting Belle can break the curse if Beast can bring her to love him.
To assist in the manners makeover, a "Monsieur Jonet" appears to teach Beast to "Be Your Best."
It briefly breaks into a slapstick vaudeville dance bit.
Belle then re-appears in her beautiful ball gown.
The famous dance scene is done to the tune of "Tale as Old as Time."
Beast shows his gentler side.
And Belle realizes her feelings have changed.
Gaston returns, however, to fight Beast. The melee is briefly halted in comedic fashion, though, as Mr. Smyth and Mr. Jones get a little too heated, much to Belle's chagrin.
After resetting, Beast, despite being mortally wounded, hurls Gaston to his doom.
A distraught Belle consoles Beast in his dying moments, proclaiming her love.
This breaks the curse, and Beast is revealed in his human form!
There is much rejoicing as the final dance number caps off the show.
And of course, all ends happily ever after.


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