The Royal Theatre Presents: Tangled

Today, Disneyland's brand new Fantasy Faire officially opens to the public.  We continue our look into the new area by covering the Royal Theatre today.  (Note, the following photos contain visual spoilers, but assuming the reader is already familiar with the subject matter of the movie in question, doesn't really contain tangible spoilers.)

Utilizing the old Carnation Plaza Gardens band stand structure, home to countless Saturday swing dancing nights, Royal Theatre will feature not one but two unique shows as part of the Fantasy Faire entertainment schedule.  Today's photos feature the retelling of Tangled.  And I must admit that I was mildly surprised by how entertaining and enjoyable the show was.  Not expecting much going into the show, I found it to be charming, well-paced, funny for both children and adults (not a common feat), and full of fun.  I'll definitely be seeing these shows again with other friends when I return!

The Royal Theatre opens up with the show's two hosts, Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones, with a vaudeville style song.
They introduce the royal guest of honor--in this case Rapunzel--before commencing with the retelling of her story.
Two players serve as props or theatrical aids throughout the show. Here, Rapunzel gazes out her tower.
Mr. Jones humorously plays the part of Mother Gothel in this retelling of Rapunzel's story.
Rapunzel meets Flynn Ryder, and the pair escape the tower via "stunt hair."
Rapunzel's encounter with ruffians in the Ugly Duckling Tavern is retold through rousing song and dance.
After escaping the royal steed, Max, and some flood waters, Flynn and Rapunzel watch the Lantern Festival.
Rapunzel discovers her true identity and returns home to confront her villainous mother, who reveals all.
Fortunately, Mother Gothel dies after Flynn cuts off Rapunzel's hair...
...and everyone lives happily ever after!


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