Springtime at Disneyland

Welcome to the first day of spring! At Disneyland, spring is a time of renewed energy and the beginning of the long busy season that pretty much lasts through summer.  Everything is in bloom, and nowhere is this more evident than at The Hub, where the tree blossoms have finally emerged in a wonderful pink splendor.  This makes for a beautiful sight, and I've often found myself lingering around this area, just enjoying the crisp Southern California air and azure skies during this time of the year. 

Walt and Mickey look on, as trees are in bloom around them.
The vibrant color just makes everything seem so much happier.
This becomes my favorite time of the year to shoot at The Hub during the day. Everything is gorgeous!
And to cap off the celebration of the beginning of spring, here's a video I made last year that touched off my idea for Point and Shoot Productions.  It's a "moving pictures tour" of one fine spring day around The Hub, and I hope you enjoy it!  (Feel free to share it with anyone who welcomes the arrival of springtime.)


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