A Carousel to Tomorrow

Before Innoventions was Innoventions, the circular building on the east side of Tomorrowland was originally home to the Carousel of Progress, an animatronic-filled exhibition of the progression of technology through the decades, from the turn of the previous century to the present day.  Highlighted by the catchy tune, "There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow," the attraction featured a revolving seating section that rotated through each era around a six-part stage, each part showcasing what life was like for a typical American family during that time. 

The Carousel of Progress eventually made its way to Walt Disney World, where it's been playing at the Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland ever since, but Innoventions eventually picked up on the exhibition of progress when it opened.  These days, there's not much to tie the two attractions together, except for the building shape and the occasional evidence that the ground floor used to revolve, much like its predecessor did.

The pathway up to Innoventions on a beautiful day.


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