Once Upon a Dream

I've gone to Disneyland hundreds of times, and I still encounter little details of features that take me by surprise, because I've either never noticed them at all before or never taken a closer look to truly appreciate them.  This picture below falls somewhere in between.  I've passed this spot so many times, but it wasn't one night a couple of months ago that I stopped to take a closer look at this little statue of Prince Phillip dancing with Princess Aurora, as the good fairies wisp around, presumably changing the color of Aurora's gown.  It's such a small but delightful touch--the capture of a beautiful and classic moment of Disney animation, and I had never really registered it before.

People ask me why I keep on going to Disneyland so often, and things like this are the reason why!

This statue of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip can be found on the backside of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


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