Fifty Years of Enchantment

I kind of forgot to post this yesterday, so forgive me for the tardiness.  What was the significance of yesterday? Well, it marked the 50 year anniversary of Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room, in Disneyland.  On June 23, 1963, the first-ever theme park audio-animatronics debuted in Adventureland.  The Enchanted Tiki Room was fifteen minutes of song and special effects, showcasing WED Enterprises' (the former identity of Walt Disney Imagineering) new robotic technology that mimicked lifelike movement.

Michael surveys the scene and concurs that it's time to put on the show.
For fifty years, this show has captivated and entertained audiences young and old. And how could it not?  With such a catchy tune and a cast of birds, flowers, tiki gods, and totems, it's an island paradise of diversity.  So [a slightly belated] happy birthday, Enchanted Tiki Room! We hope the birds continue to stay for another fifty years!

The Glee Club entertains the fellows with their harmonious melodies.


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