A Glorious Paradise Christmas

Last week was a boon for amazing sunsets.  All week long, the skies were set afire by the setting sun casting its golden rays against dramatic clouds.  It seemed to start over the weekend, and I was fortunate enough to actually be at the Disneyland Resort for once to capture it. 

When it comes to capturing the skies with the setting sun, my favorite place to shoot in Disney California Adventure is Paradise Pier.  The wide open spaces and the waterfront and skyline make for excellent subjects to position against a dramatic sky.  You'll see more from this day next month when we return to non-holiday photos, but for now, here's a look at the fleeting light from the Paradise Pier Christmas tree.  These colors are not something we get a lot in Southern California, but when they happen, my goodness, what a majestic sight!

A fabulous sky unfurls at dusk at Paradise Pier!


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