The Main Street Flower Market

Several weeks ago, something new popped up in Main Street.  It was a flower market, lushly sprinkled on the east side of Center Street, giving the area the friendly feeling of a newfound surprise--one with festive holiday trimmings!  This new feature recalls similar flower markets in Disneyland and Disney World in the past, but as far as I know or recall, there hasn't been something like this at Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom in decades.  But the appearance of the Main Street Flower Market is a welcome addition to an area already full of ambiance. It's absolutely lovely, and you'd be hard pressed to tell that the flowers weren't real!

Little features like this make Disneyland worth coming to over and over again.  This one was made without fanfare, and I think it's been a nice hit.  I hope we might get more of these little quiet places of beauty around other parts of Disneyland Park in the near future!


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