A Western Noel

I've done a few comparisons between shots I took last year and processed in HDR and similar angles I've shot this year, but in RAW. Well, here's another... a front overview of the stately Golden Horseshoe during Christmas, similar to a photo I took last year (and as it turns out, similarly titled--although I had named this post before checking what last year's version was called!).  What I've been able to get more this year is luminosity in the shadows, which is more to the style I've developed.  There's something I love about that smoothly lit shot that catches more detailing than maybe even the human eye notices at night.  It's also neat to see the skew in perspective from my full frame wide angle, which really emphasizes the architecture of the Horseshoe.  It just goes to show that even little adjustments can have noticeable effects on the composition!

The Golden Horseshoe draped in wreaths during the holiday season.


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