In Western Garland

Here's another comparison between a single frame shot taken this year compared to a similar, processed multi-exposure edited into an HDR from last year.  Again, there are a few differences... last year, I took this picture after some rain showers, so the ground was a glistening wet that added extra sheen.  The color balance is different--I've tried to shift the tone to a more daylight resembling white, rather than the warmer tones of real life.  But one thing I struggled with in the HDR was rendering the shadows. Despite the multiple exposures, I couldn't quite get the darker areas to pop.  Most likely, this is because I didn't actually take a properly overexposed (how's that for an oxymoron?) bracket, even if my camera had told me it was overexposed.  But with less work, I've been able a more balanced photo this year, at least in my opinion.

What does this mean? Well, it doesn't mean HDR is bad. Far from it, as I've mentioned before--particularly when singing the praises of Tours Departing Daily--a well done HDR can be absolutely stunning. But the effort involved is definitely meticulous, and some shots are definitely more energy intensive than others.  In any case, hopefully, you're enjoying the comparison shots and maybe gaining a little bit of knowledge. 

And if you're curious about anything else, you can always leave a comment.  I don't mention it enough, but I do enjoy feedback and comments.  I get way more comments on my Instagram photos, but perhaps I can get more interactivity on the blog too!

The Pioneer Mercantile stands peacefully in a holiday night.


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