An Open Bazaar

When I visited the parks this past Sunday, I was shocked to find that rumors of an extremely quiet holiday weekend were true.  Disneyland was much less crowded than usual, summer or any season!  Ride waits were all well under an hour, and some in the 15-20 minute range for rides usually double that.  I darted through Disneyland in amazement at how open the walkways were. Granted, there were still tens of thousands of people--it's still Disneyland. But compared to usual, everything felt so much more... free!

To prove it, here's a photo of Adventureland. Regular guests know that it's rarely this open, even for a moment, even if one just waits.  I assure you that this scene was not simply the result of patience and blind luck... much of the park had a similar lack of human density.  Maybe July 4th weekend is the new secret best time to go to Disneyland!

Rarely can you find the park quiet enough to leave Adventureland this empty at any given time during the day.


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