From Shadow into Tomorrow

About a week ago, I was wandering Disneyland late at night, as I am wont to do, looking for photographic opportunities with Michael Greening.  At this particular time, though we both had them in stow, neither of us felt like actually breaking out our tripods, so we were pretty much looking for any solid mass to steady our cameras upon for night shots.  Well, the rocks flanking the entrance to Tomorrowland definitely provided the trick, and I was able to set my camera on top of one of the outcroppings to capture this neat angle.

Now, despite the steady source, I did have to up my ISO (which is usually at 100 for these clean, smooth night shots), because I was taking three exposures, and at ISO 100, I still wasn't getting enough light for the limited length of time I was capable of holding my camera still.  Fortunately, I think it all worked out.

A framed perspective of the Astro Orbitor from the side of Pixie Hollow.


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