Bones in the End

The Pirates of the Caribbean attractions that exist in the various Disney Magic Kingdom parks around the world are all a little bit different.  At Disneyland, guest cruise through a bayou before descending down some waterfalls, past skeletal pirates, through a battle, and into a town ransacked by singing and looting buccaneers.  At Walt Disney World, the ride is similar, but little more than half as long, with many details missing.  And over in Disneyland Paris, the attraction has more in common with its California cousin, only the experience is reversed.  Live pirates kick off the ride, and guests sail through multiple scenes of various pirate villainy and larceny, and at the end of the ride, they encounter the familiar skeletal remains.  This makes sense, though, because that's what chronological order would dictate.

For this series, I'll focus on the end scenes, in an effort to tie into the spooky theme of the month.  After all, skeletons are spooky, right? And here, they represent the ultimate fate of the marauding men... a date with the ultimate claimer of everything.  They'll look familiar, but each area is just a little bit different from what Southern Californians might be used to.  I think it's pretty neat, though.  It's always nice to see how a different spin works out!

A pirate sits atop his golden bounty.

The captain keeps a sharp weather eye on his plunder.

Of course, even in death, pirates must enjoy the occasional libation!


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