The Cadaver Dans

On Friday, I attended my first Mickey's Halloween Party ever as a guest of the wonderful Heather Sievers of Disney Food Blog.  I had never gone before, because I didn't consider the upcharge event to be worth it, but after a fun-filled night of trick or treating, great shows, fantastic costume watching, and just entertaining times with new friends, I might have to change my tune.

One of my favorite parts of the event are the Cadaver Dans--the Dapper Dans "zombified."  Floating along the Rivers of America, they harmonize various spooky tunes of note.  The lighting is great, and combined with the fogged out river, makes for a fantastic visual spectacle.  The animated expressions and motions also give a great effect, and the result is a fantastic bit of entertainment!

The Cadaver Dans are a play on Disneyland's famous Main Street quartet.

Their performances are more than just vocal. They use gestures for nice exaggerated effect!

The facial expressions are great too.

The parting of the fog at moments allows for clearer shots.

Bravo, gentlemen! Bravo!


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