Halloween Heights

Last April, when I was doing my scramble through the parks during an evening rain storm, I took several shots of the Tower of Terror, knowing that such a soggy setting as not one to come again too often.  However, an interesting thing happened during the course of my shot. The wind driven rain conquered the defenses of my lens hood (not that it's that deep to begin with) and streaked across the lens, and the result is that some areas of the photo ended up with an interesting smear effect. 

Normally, I would discard such a photo, because I like my pictures as crisp as possible, no matter what the conditions. But the blur in this one created a sense of movement in the trees that seemed a little eerie, befitting a scene like this. So I've waited six months to post this, because it's now Halloween Time, and mood of this photo seems to fit with the spirit of the month!

The Tower of Terror stands on a cold, rainy night.


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