Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade

One of feature of Mickey's Halloween Party is the Cavalcade that runs up and down Main Street twice a night.  A feature exclusive to the Halloween Party, it's a fun parade, although a better description might be parade light.  The title of "Cavalcade" really is accurate, because it's more of a procession of characters on a few moving vehicles than the traditional Disneyland elaborate parade most guests are used to.  For sure, it doesn't hold a candle to Walt Disney's World's Boo To You parade (if they brought that over to California, I would gladly pony up the cash for Mickey's Halloween Party more often). But it's still a festive and spirited passing of characters and dancers, and that's certainly not a bad thing!

A vampire Mickey opens up the procession.

The float unveils a logo for the event!

The basic premise is that all the characters have been dressed in costume, and they've come out to celebrate.

There are dancers who come along first.

The floats are more dressed up moving platform than the normal elaborately spectacular parade transports.

These moving pumpkins were cute. There were a few of them, as you'll later see.

Costumed characters also formed part of the parade. Smee seemed to really be enjoying himself!

A Minnie pumpkin.
A Toy Story dancer says, "Howdy!"

A more monstrous pumpkin...

...all in advance of the Monsters Inc. segment of the parade.


Then comes a hodgepodge of animal characters--Clarabelle the Cow, King Louie, and some of the Country Bears.

What's Halloween without something sweet?

It is trick or treat, after all!
Stilt walkers also make their way up Main Street.
Finally, the main Disney characters come by, each in their own costumes.
Mickey is dapper as always!

That Mouse always has a smile!

Pluto seems to be a clown.  Or a clowndog?

Goofy as superhero... a silly one!

And I love Donald as a Stormtrooper rounds out the cast!


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