New Orleans Nights

I will round out this week's coverage of the revamped New Orleans Square with some night shots I took last Friday.  Despite the changes that have occurred, I feel the ambiance retains the same charming and explorative feel as before the Club 33 renovations.  Taking pictures at night, with hardly anyone passing through, was an wonderfully sublime experience. The same magical feel of having a slice of Disneyland to myself was definitely present, and the calm and tranquility of late night New Orleans Square was still there.  So take a photographic stroll through Disneyland's "Nouveau" French Quarter. Hope you enjoy!

A few people straggle out of Pirates of the Caribbean, while the Blue Bayou has closed for the evening.

Just next door is the old entrance to Club 33, before Le Bat-En-Rouge.

Crossing under the bridge forming the main hallway of Club 33, one finds the former entrance into the Court of Angels.

No more entry into this peaceful and beautiful courtyard anymore, sadly, but the gates make for a pretty subject.

Looking out in the direction of the Rivers of America. New Club 33 windows are clearly on display.

Coming out the other side of the new bridge connecting Le Grand Salon with Le Salon Nouveau dining rooms.

Turning back around Cafe Orleans, and the infamous new window for Le Grand Salon.

The French Market's second floor changes are much more understated.

A glimpse into Le Salon Nouveau, aka "the jazz club," but I think you'd be hard pressed to know the second floor facade was different, unless you just already knew this fact.

Sorry, the mint julip and beignets are done for the night.

Turning back around the back alley of New Orleans Square, with the new entrance to Club 33 and the other archway into the Court of Angels visible.

One last look at New Orleans Square in the lovely evening.


  1. These evening shots are lovely! I really enjoyed all your posts about the updates to New Orleans Square. Since I can't be a Disneyland regular, I have to depend on fan sites and blogs to stay current on stuff like this, and it was really nice to read a balanced view point on the subject. The architectural details that you mentioned were very interesting, too. As always, thanks for the photos!


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