Outside the Undersea Adventure

The Little Mermaid features a beautiful show building with a Victorian motif, and you would think that this would make it a piece of cake to photograph.  And yet, somehow, I've rarely been able to get an angle or crop that I'm quite satisfied with.  There are trees in the way, the railings don't align with the flatwork on the ground, and the tiered levels of Paradise Park for an upward perspective that's a bit of a no-man's-land in terms of being elevation--it's not dramatically lower, but it's not even level either.

Usually, I'd just take a picture on my reliable wide angle lens.  That lends itself to more dramatic shots, but in this head-on view of the facade, not quite.  So on this particular day, I zoomed in more to get a less distorted depth of field, and I think I've come up with something close to what I'd like--if all those people weren't in the way, of course!

The Little Mermaid building facade in the afternoon sun.


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