Big Thunder Island

Among those who have been fortunate enough to visit multiple Disney parks around the world, the general consensus is that the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland Paris is the best iteration around.  It is more exciting, more picturesque, and more unique than any of the other versions. 

When I went to Disneyland Paris in 2006, the ride was closed, and I sadly was unable to experience it. But last year, fortune was much better, and I made sure to ride this thrilling attraction.  Indeed, it is most excellent (pardon the unintentional Bill and Ted imitation).  The journey starts on the landward side of Frontierland.  The train actually plunges under the Rivers of the Far West (DLP's version of the Rivers of America) before engaging the first lift hill on the island.  From there, there are multiple drops, helices, scenic flyby's, and plenty of pretty [artificial] nature, before an exhilarating drop back under the river brings riders back to the station. 

It is quite an amazing ride and one of the busiest E-Tickets offered at the park.  For your enjoyment, here are some photos of the ride as seen from another iconic Disneyland Paris attraction, the Phantom Manor!

A view of Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder Mountain Railroad from Phantom Manor.

Disneyland Paris' Big Thunder is unique in its setting and is my favorite Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.


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