Waiting for Evening's End

Last month, when I was doing some late night photography, it occurred to me that I had never shot the castle from the north side of the Partner's Statue before.  All of my shots had either been in front of Walt and Mickey or all the way in the loop of The Hub, with only the castle in the shot.

So while I was taking my brackets, I noticed one man sitting on a bench, just waiting. He didn't seem to be with anyone, but he was clearly a regular, because the security guards were chatting with him.  I was more focused on the Disney cops getting in my photo, but I couldn't help but bring my glance to this gentleman.  What was his story?  How often did he come here? Did he used to come here with another?

I never really found out, because security was quick to usher me out after this shot.  But I like how the final shot came out, with one person sticking around the Happiest Place on Earth, just soaking up the atmosphere.

A shot of Sleeping Beauty Castle last month, before the latest round of ornamentation.


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