The Tower from the Theater

A couple of weeks ago, I showcased a view of the Tower of Terror at night, taken from an elevated perspective.  Last weekend, I managed to make it to the park during the daytime for such a shot.  One thing I noticed from my last shot (and something a couple of my friends pointed out), was that my crop wasn't focused enough.  There were buildings on the sides that were a little distracted and detracted from the composition.  So in retrospect, I should have zoomed in a little bit, like this.  Ah well... lesson learned.  In this photo, I  decided to use a square crop--not only because this makes it ready-made for when I inevitably repost this photo on my Instagram account, but also because the Hollywood Tower Hotel's building mass is tailor made for this aspect ratio!

The Tower of Terror, as seen from the steps of the Hyperion Theater--during the daytime!


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