The Bedazzled Castle, Part 1

Those who have been paying attention to the Disneyland 60th Anniversary upgrades have probably noticed the recent transformation that has been occurring to Sleeping Beauty Castle.  When plans were first unveiled a few months ago, one of the changes featured a glittering, diamond encrusted castle.  At the time, I thought the rendering showed the castle in a subdued but elegant manner.  However, as the decorations have gone up, I think I've had to change my tune a little.

Now, this opinion is strictly mine, and I can't really make a full assessment because work isn't quite done yet.  But the physical execution has been much gaudier than I expected.  There are diamonds everywhere--appropriate because the 60th anniversary is the diamond anniversary--but to a scale that has become cartoonish. And rather than look elegant, Sleeping Beauty Castle sort of looks like someone decided to detonate the jewels section of an arts and crafts store.

So suffice to say, the look isn't quite for me.  And while there are some elements I like--the banners and some of the drapery is nice--there are others that seem a little too over the top--the castle toppers, actually, for one.  However, I've heard positive reviews from others as well, so certainly, this look seems like it will be hit and miss, depending on who one asks.  I imagine that this castle will be pretty splendid at night, when all the lighting effects are in effect, and the castle sparkles.  To that end, it's like the Winter Castle, which looks rather silly during the daytime but positively spectacular at night. 

Sleeping Beauty Castle from just a week and a half ago, receiving 60th Anniversary decorations.
Do you agree with me or disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Castle makeover!


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